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Hi, my name is Jessi Wheatley. I'm a 4th generation Colorado Native and love living here. I attended Metropolitan State College of Denver to obtain my BA in Psychology. I then attended University of Denver for my Educational Specialist degree (EdS) in School Psychology. I have worked with students preschool through high school in the school setting for 14 years before taking time off to start my own practice.  

I've been married for over 17 years and we have two wonderful kids. I enjoy arts & crafts, traveling, and animals. My biggest accomplishment, on top of 12 years of college and my family, was walking 60 miles in 3 days for Susan Komen.

I look forward to working with you and your child. 

Mission & Vision

Core Values

Voice: To assess the ways children express themselves. To examine children’s: problems, struggles, thinking, attitude and opinions. Ways to express can be through play, art, dance, writing, actions, words, achievement abilities, IQ, what they wear, hobbies, and/or interests etc.

Voice: To teach children how to express their thoughts and feelings through words. To teach children to communicate to others what they need and/or want and be understood. When a child is able to have a voice they have stronger self confidence and self esteem. To allow the child to project their personality through their voice.

Voice: To be a child advocate. To make sure a child’s life happenings are in their best interest. To build a safe and trusting relationship so I can be their voice when they feel they don’t have one. Children need help to navigate life after experiencing: trauma, stereotypes, bullying, biological concerns, family dynamics, depression, anxiety, suicide ideation, etc.

Children: Children believe in a better tomorrow, they have hope in mankind. The emotional, social, and development of young children has a direct impact on the adult they will become. Children need our love, our trust, and our belief that tomorrow can be magic.

Therapy: Treatment intended to relieve or heal emotions, beliefs, relationship issues, somatic responses and/or behavioral issues by working together with a trained person. 

                         My Personal Mission Statement

To give a child their voice to open their heart one session at a time.


Teach - Using different modalities to explain/demonstrate feelings and how to regulate them. Build a foundation of emotional knowledge and coping skills.  

Counsel - provide early intervention, gather information formal and informally, observe, listen, reflect, monitor, diagnose, assess

Advocate - To work in the best interest of the child. Family can carry out what is taught in therapy. 

DESIRED RESULTS - What does it look like when a child opens their heart and uses their voice? 

  • Parent/Caregiver/Teacher reports improvement in behavior/interactions
  • Express needs and wants in an appropriate way.
  • The child’s interests become priority.
  • Trust is built with the child, family
  • Use their voice to find their path in life.
  • The child can verbally get their message across and be understood by others
  • The child has the ability to obtain, maintain, and change their emotions, behavior, attention, and activity level appropriate for a task or situation in a socially appropriate manner.
  • Learn to advocate for themselves

Treatment Focus

As a parent, it can be hard to know when your child’s behavior is just a part of growing up or a sign of a bigger issue. There are several things a child and adolescent mental health professional will look at to determine if a child or teen’s behaviors are problematic:

• Is the behavior more intense than it should be?
• Does the duration of the behavior continue after the situation has passed?
• Is the behavior typical for his/her age level?
• Is the behavior upsetting to your child or other family members?
• Does the behavior prevent your child from interacting with friends or performing well in school?
• Is the behavior inappropriate to the situation?
• Does the behavior happen for no obvious reason?
• Does your child avoid important social, school or family activities because of the behavior?

All children are different, and even the most typical child or teen may engage in “problematic” behaviors from time to time, especially when they are tired, stressed or sick. However, if your child or teen repeatedly engages in inappropriate or unwanted behaviors, consider meeting with me.

Primarily, I work with children 4-14 years of age, for individual and group counseling. I use a combination of play, art, CBT, DBT, emotion identification, social skills, and mindfulness to treat children with depression, anxiety/fears, ADHD, family issues, school issues, and social skills delays. 

I also offer continuation of care/ consultation between family and school.

When a child is struggling in school, you need to find out why.  If you are concerned about a child's learning, academic progress, social skills, or behavior, a comprehensive assessment is the first step to developing a plan to help. I offer private cognitive and achievement assessments for children 6-16 years old. 

Assessment includes intake with child & parent, formal assessments, report including recommendations, and informational session to review results.

Licenses & Certifications


School Psychologist EdS

University of Denver 2005

Colorado Department of Education 


School Administration

University of Colorado Denver 2012

Colorado Department of Education


Licensed Professional Counselor Candidate LPCC

Certified Mindfulness Teacher 2013

Certified Sandplay Therapist 2019


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briefWellnessAssessmentYouth (pdf)


Informed Consent for Treatment and Disclosure Statement PDF (pdf)


Authorization to Disclose Confidential Information Release PDF (pdf)


Parent Information PDF (pdf)


Financial and Procedural Policies PDF (pdf)


Child Intake Form (1) (pdf)


A Child At Heart Therapy PDF (pdf)


Contact Info

I'm Here for You

Please contact me to get started with your child or with questions/concerns. 

Thank you. achildathearttherapy@gmail.com

A Child At Heart Therapy LLC

609 West Littleton Boulevard Suite 201, Littleton, Colorado 80120, United States

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